Wednesday, May 14, 2008

01 - A Letters Opening

Dear Theophilus,
I put some thought into how to entitle this blog for you as Christian University Students, and I find the name "Theophilus" to be quite apropos. In that just in the name you are understood to be a 'lover of God' and it is my hope that through these letters we share in together, that we will begin to understand how to love Jesus intimately and view the world Biblically.

So I will probably open each letter with "Dear Theophilus" understanding that the perspective shared within these letters is that of a Christian to a Christ, from one whom seeks to abide whole heartedly within the Will and Love of God... and through the grace of words, invite you to live likewise as you grow in your faith through the inworking of the Holy Spirit and your own devotion to the Holy Scriptures.

The purpose of these letetrs is not to be an apologetic for the faith, and yet through the words shared I pray that the peace and joy of Christ will be so evident that you will be drawn to think more boldy of what it means for Christ to be our Lord & Savior. If you do ot consider yourself a follower of Jesus Christ, if you do not confess to His Lordship, these letters are not address to you - but please feel free to read and consider what it may mean to turn from your present worldview.

These letters do not replace the need for community or conversation, they are simply letters from a young campus minister to Christian University Students. It is quring the university years that you have the opportunity to explore with almost rekless abandonment of self the meaning of your life and how that meaning will move you into the world around you. I pray that in the letters you find encouragement for being in love with God and that the words spur you on to pray and rejoice in all of life for the redemption of all things for the Kingdom of Christ. God Bless.